This Woman’s Awful Bank Of America Foreclosure Story Could Turn Into Another Viral PR Disaster

Jackie Ramos first made waves on YouTube when she claimed that she was fired from her job at Bank of America — she was helping customers restructure their credit card payments. We aren’t able to confirm that that is the reason why she was fired, but we can confirm that she raised some hell.

Now she’s back with another video (via Reuters). This time, she’s explaining why Bank of America foreclosed on her house. You can be as sceptical about her story as you like, but either way, this is bad PR for a company that defintely doesn’t need, from a person who knows how to use social media. There’s even a Jackie Ramos fan club facebook page.

Here’s her new story:

About two and a half years ago, she and her son’s father, Tim, realised their fixed-rate mortgage payments were going up like an adjustable rate.

After calling the bank, she claims that Bank of America had tacked on charges for insurance and other products the couple had not requested. In the end, though, they decided to keep the insurance so that the house would still be paid for if something happened to Tim or Ramos.

Sadly, Tim recently committed suicide. On top of that, she claims the insurance Ramos had paid on their home wasn’t going through. When she called to find out what happened, the bank told her that since she wasn’t the executor of Tim’s estate, she had no right to see what was going on — and they had no record of her insurance payments either.

In Ramos’ own words. “But Bank of America, they don’t care. They said it’s our house now. They’re going to foreclose on it. Forget that I paid for insurance to 2 1/2 years, forget that my name is on the mortgage…”

You can watch the video below: