This Woman Will Go To Prison For Stealing $1 Million From Elderly Clients


An insurance agent who was arrested last year for stealing more than $1 million received a six-year sentence, Seattle Times’ John de Leon reports.Jasmine Jamrus-Kassim worked in Issaquah, Wash. where she allegedly convinced five clients between the ages of 74 and 90 to take money from their annuities with Bankers Life and Casualty. 

Jamrus-Kassim, an agent with the firm, worked alone.

Her tactic was pretty simple. She convinced clients their money was being reinvested and asked them to write checks to “S.A. Saad,” who they believed also worked for the company. 

In reality, S.A. Saad are the initials and last names of both her daughters, whose accounts she temporarily placed the money in afterward, according to a news release from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner. 

This case shows how important it is to ask for legitimate written record of all financial transactions.

Unfortunately, the elderly are often prime targets of similar scams as they tend to be more trusting and may have a harder time sniffing out fraudsters.

For additional resources on protecting yourself from scams, visit the Administration of ageing.

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