Virginia Woman Won TWO Million Dollar Lottery Tickets This Month


Photo: VA Lottery

A Berryville, Va. woman just struck lotto lightening in the same place twice.Virginia Fike took home not one but two winning Powerball tickets earlier this month, both worth $1 million, according to a new release by the state lottery.

The jackpot was valued at $80 million, but lottery officials announced no one had taken home the whole prize (with all six numbers matching). Instead, 14 winning tickets worth $1 million had been sold – two of which were in Virginia.

Fike said she heard about the split prize while visiting her mother in the hospital (“I looked at my mum and said ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if it was us?'”) but had no idea she held a pair of winners until she double-checked her tickets at a convenience store.

“I was like, you’re joking right? It really hasn’t sunk in,” Fike said. She picked the numbers with a simple – and personal – formula: Her parents’ anniversary and their ages, divided by the year they were married.

What’s interesting about Fike’s win is that it wouldn’t have even been possible just a few months ago. Virginia changed its game regulations in January to reward tickets matching the first five numbers with $1 million. The prize was previously capped at $200,000.

As for how she plans to spend her new fortune, Fike said she’s looking forward to paying bills and helping pay for her parents’ healthcare.

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