This Woman Is The Real Loser Of The Hillary Clinton Airbrushing Scandal

Der Tzitung's photoshopped picture

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Lost in this whole “Hillary Clinton was cropped from a paper” controversy is the fact that there was another woman in the photo.Poor Audrey Tomason.

Like Clinton, the National Security Council’s director for counterterrorism was airbrushed into oblivion when Di Tzeitung and De Voch ran the image.

Unlike Clinton, however, Tomason is not named in every headline. In most stories, she gets a cursory mention somewhere in the first few paragraphs. (The Washington Post was one of the few papers to include her in the hed.)

The apologizes are even worse. Tomason’s name does not appear anywhere in the Associated Press story reporting Di Tzeitung was sorry for removing Clinton. The New York Times hed reads “Newspaper ‘Regrets’ Erasing Hillary Clinton.

It makes sense that Clinton is the focus here. She is a much bigger name than Tomason, and more important to the photograph in question. But it’s a bit ironic that so many stories written about leaving women out of photos downplay the fact that a woman other than the Secretary of States was left out of the image.

(Then again, as Alexis Madrigal notes, maybe Tomason was actually lucky to be pictured in the first place.)