This Woman Is Live-Tweeting Her Father's Death Right Now

Laurie Kilmartin’s father is going to pass away soon.

Diagnosed with lung cancer, Mr. Kilmartin was admitted to hospice on February 20th. Laurie, a comedian and finalist on Last Comic Standing, has been live-tweeting her experience watching her dad die before her eyes.

Kilmartin’s tweets hit all of the stages of grief. There’s sadness of course. And there’s love. And due to Kilmartin’s nature, there’s humour.

Here’s a sample of some of her tweets:

She even reached out to Glenn Beck; her dad is a huge fan:

Dad and daughter didn’t always see eye to eye on politics, but it’s clear this family has humour:

She tweeted what it was like breaking the news to her young son:

Comedian Patton Oswalt saw what she was doing and tweeted out to his 1.6 million followers:

Laurie Kilmartin’s follower count has gone up significantly in the last couple of days as people have started to follow her updates on her father’s health. She is also not the first person to live-tweet the death of a parent. NPR’s Scott Simon live-tweeted the death of his mother back in July of 2013; a loving and very emotional tribute.

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