This Will Be Charlie Hebdo's First Post-Attack Cover

707185 charlie (1)Screenshot/Charlie HebdoIt reads, ‘All is forgiven.’

The first cover of Charlie Hebdo after a terrorist shooting at the Paris headquarters of the magazine has been revealed. As expected, the cover defiantly features the Prophet Muhammed, in response to the radical Muslim gunmen’s efforts to silence the oft-controversial magazine.

The cover of the issue features the Prophet Muhammed holding a sign that says “Je Suis Charlie,” the popular slogan being used by many in support of the magazine. Above Muhammed’s head are the words “All is forgiven.”

The special issue will have a printing of 3 million copies, two million more than originally planned. It will be offered in 16 languages for readers around the world, according to AFP.

Charlie Hebdo’s lawyer, Richard Malka told French radio that the issue will feature cartoons making fun of Muhammed, as well as other figures.

Generally, the magazine prints about 60,000 copies per week, selling 30,000, according to the AFP.

The magazine has been near bankruptcy in recent years.

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