This Week's Election Parody Stars Real Julian Assange Channeling John Farnham

Pic courtesy JuiceRapNews

Say what you like about Julian Assange, but two things here point to the fact he makes a Great Aussie:

a) He possibly agreed to do this, and if so
b) He rocks a mullet

By doing so, he makes this week’s Australian Election parody a surefire YouTube hit.

A Game Of Polls was posted last night by Melbourne duo JuiceRapNews, because Elections are Coming.

WARNING: It’s sweary, the content may offend and it’s not a reflection of Business Insider’s views

If you get the gist early and want to skip to the Assange bit, he’s on at 3:45.

But is it Assange? As far as we can ascertain – a WikiLeaks forum post credits “Julian Assange as Julian Assange (really)”.

Sadly, it’s definitely not him singing. JuiceRapNews credit that part to Chris Doheny, who does a fine job.

We’re still trying to confirm Assange’s cameo with JuiceRapNews creators Giordano Nanni and Hugo Farrant.

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