This Week In New York Tech: February 15

Designer clothing inspired by Google

Just FYI, because so many people have been asking, here’s the full Olympic Curling schedule. The match you won’t want to miss is this Friday’s France vs. USA — which will be the first time these two countries have met since the infamous corked broom incident from the ’00 games.

Now, presented without commercial interruption, here’s real life:

Monday, February 15th
6PM Brandhacker’s Keys to Developing Online Brand Community

Brandhackers hosts Vitrue, LiveWorld and Passenger for “Keys to Developing Online Brand Community”

Panel: Jay S. Bryant, Sales Vice President, LIVEWORLD, Max Clark, VP of Business Development, VITRUE, TBD, PASSENGER

Special Guests: Lauren Rubin, Director of Advertising,, BL Ochman, Managing Director, Proof Digital


Tuesday, February 16th
6PM How 24/7 Real Media Survived The Dot Com Crash And Sold For $650M

Spring 2010 Founder Speakers session with David J. Moore (founder and former CEO) and Mark Moran (former general counsel) from 24/7 Real Media. Hear how the company raised venture capital, went public, nearly went bankrupt half a dozen times during the crash, and successfully sold itself to WPP for $650M in cash.

RSVP: [email protected]

6:30PM Ultra Light Legal Series: February 2010

The Ultra Light Legal Series features a set of short talks on related topics of interest to entrepreneurs and business owners. Legal Series speakers have extensive experience helping startups and have prepared their talks exclusively for Ultra Light Startups. This session: Early Stage Investment Termsheets, Overview of Intellectual Property for Startups, Tax Accounting for Startups.


6:30PM How I Test Less and Still Have High Performance Apps

Being agile means being agile all the way through the development process, including deployment and production. Every team should have a full complement of profiling, testing and load generation tools, but we all know that even with the most rigorous pre-deployment QA, issues will sneak through. Bjorn Freeman-Benson is proud to be part of the engineering team at New Relic, officially as the Director of Engineering, but unofficially as a software psychologist. He spends his day listening to the software tell him about its troubles, and then works to resolve the problems, be they technical, process, or people-related.


Wednesday, February 17th
6PM Uncorking Gary Vaynerchuk: an in-depth interview with Ellis Henican of Newsday and Fox News

Join Ellis Henican, columnist for “Newsday” and Fox News Channel’s political analyst, to learn how Gary has built a business as an expert on building compelling personal and business brands. Whether you’re seeking new marketing strategies or hatching plans to “cash in on your passion,” this special pairing of Gary and award-winning journalist (and stand-up comic!) Ellis Henican will fire up your February.


6:30PM – nextNY Community Conversation: How to Make Online Advertising Suck Less

Sub 1% Clickthroughs, remnant ads for teeth whiteners, social media campaigns with no ROI… I want to buy things, I love a lot of brands, so why is my online experience with advertising so poor? Join our community of online Mad Men and Women in a roundtable discussion to try and identify how we get to a world of relevant, compelling, effective and shareworthy advertising experiences online. Featuring: Chad Stoller, EVP of Digital Strategy – BBDO, Darren Herman, Chief Digital Media Officer – Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, Eric Wheeler, CEO – 33 Across, Mike Duda, Partner – Deutsch and more TBA.


Saturday and Sunday – February 20th, 21st
All Day – FashionCampNY

Fashion Camp is a free, volunteer-run, 2-day barcamp-style conference with workshops and presentations focused on current topics in fashion, technology, and innovative marriages of fashion and tech, including fashion tech/wearables, fashion eCommerce, and fashion2.0. At FashionCamp, ANYONE can present, and EVERYONE is encouraged to share their knowledge.


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