This Week In New York Tech: February 1

Charlie O'Donnell, John Carney, Joe Weisenthal, at TBI Holiday Party

Welcome to Social Media Week — the one week out of the year where we get to tweet and blog about social media!

Hopefully, you can find a way in to some of these events as most are sold out.  Try the wait lists… I think you’ll have a good shot at getting in. If not, just try to slip the dude at the front door a few Twitter followers.

Monday, February 1st
10:30AM Branding the Future with Social Engagement, sponsored by Pepsi Refresh

The opening session of Social Media Week will focus on a top-level discussion of the increasing importance in utilising social media to grow and develop corporate brands in the 20-first century.


Tuesday, February 2nd
9AM Crowdsourcery Potions 101: Why Some Marketing Potions Fail and Others Thrive, Hosted By JWT

Some have predicted that crowdsourcing is the future of the marketing, advertising and industrial design industry. The phenomenon, they argue, will accelerate creativity across a larger network. Others, meanwhile, have predicted that it is a passing fad but one that downward pressure on prices on current agency work.  So which is it? Does crowdsourcing represent the beginning of the end of creative organisations? Or does it herald the beginning of something bigger and transformational for those agencies – and for business in general?


12PM Networked News Gatherers: Defining the Social Media Editor Role, hosted by Time Inc.

There’s lots of talk about who “owns” social media for companies that decide to enter the space to reach their consumers. Usually these discussions focus on Marketing, PR, Customer Service or an Agency. But in the media world there’s another option: the Social Media Editor.

We’ll bring together Social Media Editors from some of the largest and most well-respected media outlets, as well as those in more traditional Editorial roles to discuss this new specialty role.


5PM NY Tech Meetup Student Mingle

The NYTM Student Group’s mission is to encourage the involvement of students and student leaders in the New York City tech community and thereby better educate and prepare tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.  We hold a monthly social event for undergraduate students and recent graduates to mingle and exchange ideas. 

Current undergrads who participate can attend the Tech Meetup for free and some guest entrepreneurs even stop by once in a while.


PM: NY Tech Meetup – Rally for the Future

Tuesday is an extravaganza.

Fewer demos this time. On 2/2/10 we discuss 2/2/20.  Prepare to be Recruited By The Future.


Wednesday, February 3rd
9AM The Future of Space & Time hosted by


– John C. Abell, New York Bureau Chief for
– Tony Jebara, Associate Professor Computer Science, Columbia University & Chief Scientist at Sense Networks
– Chris Dixon, Co-founder, CEO at Hunch
– Denis Crowley, Founder and CEO of Foursquare

Exploring trends in lifecasting and the proliferation of location based services.


 4:30PM A Shaq to the System: Tebow, Tiger and The New Online Realities of Sports Journalism

The world of sports used to be ruled by the calendar – game dates, tournaments, TV events, with the odd DUI thrown in. Now a story breaks and before you can say “ESPN” it’s all over Twitter.  What is going ON? Fortunately for sports media, a lot – and no one is better to tell you about it than the people on this panel: Dan Shanoff, Will Leitch, Jason Fry, and Stephanie Wei. 


6PM What Is Your $ocial Music Currency?

Artists are using Social Media as a a catalyst to boost popularity, create new revenue streams and promote global goodness. Join us as we explore what currencies social media trades in, how the power social media can be maximized by labels, artists, and corporations and discuss who has been the most successful. 


6:30PM SUXORZ: the worst social media campaigns of ’09

Think you know everything about social media? Come laugh and learn as we dissect the twelve worst social media campaigns of 2009.  Amid tales of genius and triumph during #SMWNYC, the SUXORZ panel will be the Greek chorus.

The Suxorz occurs in four rounds. Each panelists talks about an ’09 social media campaign she/he hates, showing a slide or Youtube clip, then the drunken mob audience comments and votes on the worst campaign of that round. Finally, we revisit the winners of each round and vote on the grand champion Suxorz campaign. Audience heckling and wisdom are welcome throughout.


Thursday, February 4th
6PM Digital Culture NYC: Breaking Down the Walls, hosted by MoMA

How are New York City’s cultural institutions using new and emerging technology to reach and engage audiences? Hear from six different arts organisations about their use of social media as a means of reaching out to the public, distributing and shaping content, and fostering dialogue with passionate, opinionated audiences in New York and around the world.


6:30PM Designing Social Websites

What is a social website? What makes a site social? Why people participate online. Why some social sites work and others don’t. The psychology of online social interaction. An overview of interactive design patterns for online social interaction. What works and what doesn’t. “Paving the cowpaths”

Visual design that complements interactive design. Launch of a social site. Bootstrapping a community from zero users. Getting over the “sign-up hurdle”. Monitoring, analytics and design iteration for social interaction


Friday, February 5th
12PM: The Future of Social Media in Higher Education

How is social media changing the way college students learn? How are digital applications changing how professors teach? What are the most significant education technology trends of 2010 and beyond? Join a panel of education technology and emerging media experts to explore how the social web is transforming higher education. 


3PM Whole Foods Market presents: Afternoon Snack. A New York New Food Media Panel

Milk, cookies, and an exploration of the new food media landscape.
with Liza Mosquito de
Guia, Founder & Chief Storyteller, food. curated.

Cathy Erway, Not Eating Out In New York.
Nick Fauchald, editor-in-chief, Tasting Table
Emily Fleischaker, Associate Multimedia Editor, Bon Appetit
Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, Food 52
Nicole Taylor, host, Hot Grease


Saturday, February 6th
All day – EventCamp

EventCamp 2010 is the first industry gathering of its kind, offering an intimate and low cost alternative to the large annual conference and allowing attendees the option to generate their own content, encouraging participation and allowing for a more interactive environment.

Approximately half the session topics will be pre-determined, and aim to assist planners in utilising social media and technology in event and meeting planning, execution, business development and networking. All levels of Social Media, Technology, and Event enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged! 


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