This Website Will Make You Terrified To Eat Food In China

cattle garbageRemember when these pictures circulated? (Click image to read about that Chinese scandal)


The Chinese are relying on social media—instead of the government—to identify which foods are unsafe, according to the AP. One place they turn is Shanghai grad student Wu Heng’s food scandal database ‘Throw It Out the Window.’We checked out this site through a Google translation. The food scandals listed in the past several days are terrifying:

  • Infant milk powder containing mercury
  • Fish contaminated by sewage
  • Fake honey
  • Black water (?)
  • Shanghai ham intestines that contain maggots
  • Substandard food at Walmart
  • Diseased cows
  • Milk that causes diarrhoea
  • Dumplings containing borax that are making people sick
  • Pig intestine containing mercury
  • Hot pot containing five prohibited additives
  • Diseased ribs sold at Walmart
  • Dangerous bacteria in apples
  • Drug salted eggs (?)
  • Rice polluted with heavy metals (?)

Think about it the next time you’re in China. Think about how you probably can’t navigate Chinese social media and how you therefore rely on government regulations that even the Chinese don’t trust.

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