This website wants to replace the school careers advisor

Is this the end of the school careers advisor? Photo: Bob Levey/Getty Images for H&R Block.

Jamie Beaton got into five Ivy League schools and started an $82 million consulting business. You would think he might be happy enough with that achievement alone.

But now the 21-year-old has an online education platform called Crimson Hub.

Following an initial beta release in December 2015 the website uses responsive technology to provides users with insights into international education and career pathways.

From video interviews featuring high school graduates about to embark on university studies to past university students who describe their experiences at Oxford or Harvard, as well as professionals who have worked at leading companies like Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs, the content is tailored to what the user is after based on user-specific searches.

Beaton says he hopes it will close the gap between students, graduates and professionals.

“It provides an unparalleled level of information about university options in New Zealand, Australia and globally and career opportunities, directly from the students and graduates that have blazed these phenomenal paths,” Beaton says.

He says the platform goes beyond the abilities of a career advisor or career counselor by enabling parents and students to explore study and career options anywhere and anytime on mobile or desktop.

Beaton himself recently graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Applied Mathematics-Economics and a Masters in Applied Math, two years ahead of schedule. Read more about that here.

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