This Website That Compares The Cost Of Living In Major Cities Will Make Sydneysiders Want To Cry

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Ever wondered why that bottle of wine with dinner was so expensive, whether you’ve paid too much for that new pair of jeans, why the price of fuel seems to be stuck at ridiculous or why your weekly shopping bill costs as much as your monthly mortgage repayment? It’s probably because you’re living in Sydney.

A whole bunch of data presented by insurance provider Budget Direct has been analysed and compiled into an intelligible interactive website, the Cost of Living Index.

The index compares the difference in prices between major cities throughout Australia, the USA and the UK, across a range of spending categories.

For example, it shows how household bills – such as internet, phone and utilities – will all sting a little more in Sydney, compared to most other cities.

You’ll also pay more for the wardrobe essentials in Australia – like a new summer dress or a classic pair of jeans, especially if you’re shopping in Sydney. The list goes on…

Date night

Thinking of taking your partner out for a night in the Harbour City? Two movie tickets and a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will set you back about $116, whereas couples in London will pay almost 40 per cent less for the same experience and residents of Dallas, Texas just $65.

Getting around is also a costly activity for Sydneysiders, with a one-way ticket on public transport averaging $4.00 per person, compared to somewhere like Birmingham in the United Kingdom where you can get away with paying $2.10 for the same journey.

Roof over your head

Those renting in Sydney can expect to fork out a whopping $4422.81 per month for a three bedroom apartment in the city centre, while Brits in Manchester pay $1179.17 – almost four times less – for the same accommodation, while leaseholders in Melbourne pay $3096.90.

However, there are a few glimmers of hope for the 4.5 million people living in Sydney.

Fitness is cheaper

Your monthly fitness club membership will cost $12 less in Sydney ($81.97) compared to NYC ($94.23), while one hour weekend tennis court rental is much cheaper in Sydney ($23.20) than it is in Seattle ($30.00) and New York ($31.62).

Sydney’s median monthly disposable salary also helps to balances things out, with workers retaining $4723.33.

In comparison Los Angeles locals have $3636.76 to play with each month, Houston residents garner $3582.76, Adelaide locals receive $3682.89 and Londoners scrape in at $2065.44.

You can see more depressing comparisons at the website.

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