This Mesmerising Map Shows The Power Of Cyclone Ita

Earlier in the year Business Insider discovered software engineer Cameron Beccario’s amazing weather website “earth”.

The site uses supercomputers to create visualisations of global weather forecasts, updating the images every 3 hours — and the result is devastatingly beautiful.

Business Insider used Beccario’s earth to follow Ita as it heads towards the north coast of Queensland.

See the full effect of the map here.

earth shows Ita, which has been downgraded from a category 5 tropical cyclone to a category 4, as it moves towards landfall with wind speeds of 115km/h.

As of 6pm tonight, Ita was 105km north northeast of Cooktown.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology predicts “VERY DESTRUCTIVE WINDS to 275 kms per hour near the core and GALES extending out to 185 kms from the centre” to hit between Cape Melville and Cape Tribulation, including Cooktown, bringing with it dangerous storm tides and very heavy rain.

Keep up-to-date with warnings from the BOM here.

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