This Wearable Technology Is A Goose Bump Sensor To Detect Emotions

The Goose Bump Detector is a skin monitoring sensor attached to the forearm. Image: Young-Ho Cho/KAIST

Imagine what advertising, manufacturing and social media companies could do with data on the emotional state of consumers.

Real-time physical and emotional responses could determine what music is delivered, which online ads are displayed, what temperature a room should be and what to suggest for dinner.

A team of researchers at KAIST in Daejeon, South Korea, has developed a wearable 20mm x 20mm polymer sensor which can directly measure the degree and occurrence of goose bumps, which are technically known as piloerection.

Goose bumps are caused by sudden changes in body temperature or emotional states.

While more work still needs to be done to correlate physical measurements with emotional states, the work suggests that monitoring goose bumps in real-time as an indicator of human physical or emotional status is possible.

“In the future, human emotions will be regarded like any typical biometric information, including body temperature or blood pressure,” says researcher Young-Ho Cho.

The research is reported in the latest edition of the journal Applied Physics Letters.

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