Viral Analyst's Email Means Australia's Mining Industry Is Looking For This Cup

Analyst Edmund Lim from Rio Tinto’s offices in Perth is looking for this cup which went missing in the bathroom.

So too is much of Australia’s resources sector after his detailed email to the office went sensationally viral.

Edmund’s email follows last month’s saga involving Edward Lu, the Ernst & Young graduate whose follow-up networking email — in which he described himself as a “suited guy in a pocket square” — went viral.

Edward is a hard act to follow. Here’s an edited version of Edmund’s email.

I apologise for taking away some of your time. My name is Edmund Lim and I work at […].

Sometime after ~10.30 this morning, my coffee cup was stolen. The details are as follows.

1. I brought my cup to the mens washroom
2. I left it next to the washroom sinks
3. I then proceeded to use the bathroom stall
4. In that time, I know someone entered and exited the room, and I know after that person used the urinal, they grabbed a few pieces of paper towel
5. I exited the bathroom stall afterwards
6. My cup was then missing

I apologise if this sounds trivial to you and it wastes your time, but this is my personal item and I cannot believe the audacity of someone to do that.

Please find attached a slide which includes a picture of my cup.

It is rather a nice cup.

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