This Vending Machine Drops Prices When Temperatures Rise

Limon & Nada vending machine, vending machine

Photo: YouTube

It’s rare to find a vending machine that offers a deal these days. Most sodas go for $1.75 or so, and that’s not even counting the hassle of finding change. Too bad the coolest vending machine out there is only available in Spain. With the help of marketing agency Momentum, Minute Maid’s Limon & Nada lemonade has released 18 smart vending machines that literally drop their prices when temperatures rise, according to Discovery News via Marketing News

The machine displays the temperature and price, along with three different price points depending on how steamy it is outside. Is it 77 degrees Fahrenheit? That price point will be 2 euros (roughly $2.44). From 78 degrees F to around 84, the lemonade will cost about 1.4 euros ($1.71). If it’s 86 degrees F or hotter, the drink only costs a euro ($1.22). 

The machines will be at water parks and other summer attractions from now until September. 

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