This US city had to change its laws after a woman insisted on taking her pet kangaroo into McDonald's

Jimmy the Kangaroo with owner Larry Moyer. Photo: WISN YouTube screenshot

Beaver Dam Common Council in Wisconsin passed an amendment this week that says only dogs or miniature horses can be considered service animals, after a woman brought a baby kangaroo into a McDonald’s restaurant, claiming it was an approved therapy animal.

When the incident occurred earlier this year a customer at the fast-food restaurant phoned the police to complain about the animal and the woman, Diana Moyer, was asked to leave.

Moyer said due to her disability she had obtained documentation permitting her to bring the kangaroo into public establishments. However, she refused to give the name of the doctor who provided the authorisation.

Moyer and her husband Larry own and keep five kangaroos on a property just outside of Beaver Dam. They say they often took the youngest, Jimmy, out into public.

The Beaver Dam Daily Citizen reports the town’s Administrative Committee recommended an amendment to the municipal code in order to resolve the matter and it was passed 14-0 on Monday evening.

The amendment means only dogs or miniature horses can accompany an individual — with a doctor’s approval — in a public area or establishment. The new ordinance gives the police the ability to issue a citation for any animal that isn’t a licensed dog or miniature horse.

The ordinance complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act which defines a service animal as a dog or miniature horse “that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability”.

Here’s the original WISN news report from earlier this year:

Under Australian law people can’t keep kangaroos as pets but in some parts of the US and Canada red and grey kangaroos are bred as pets and for sale to zoos and wildlife parks.

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