This Tweet Explains Google's 3 Hour Keynote Presentation

Google on Wednesday held a three-hour keynote presentation at I/O, its annual developers conference.

If you missed it, this tweet from the Wall Street Journal reporter Joanna Stern pretty much sums it all up:

If you want a longer explanation, here goes.

Google announced a new version of Android for mobile phones. It announced Android Wear, an operating system for smartwatches and other wearable devices. It announced Android TV, software to take over your TV. It announced Android Auto, which is supposed to take over your car. It announced Google Fit, a health and fitness platform. It announced changes to the Chrome OS, its desktop computing platform.

And while it wasn’t talked about at all yesterday, Google also makes Google Glass, which is a computer that sits on your face.

All of that is in addition to Google’s recent acquisitions want to take over your home. It bought Nest, which makes thermostats and smoke/CO detectors. And it bought Dropcam, which records everything in your home.

There’s Skybox Imaging, which Google recently bought, that takes photos of the Earth with satellites.

And there’s also Google Fibre, which is Google’s slowly-expanding hyperspeed internet and TV service.

In short, Google has endless ambition to take over the world. Its keynote presentation was a three-hour reminder of that.

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