This Tornado Touched Down In New York City Saturday Afternoon

A large tornado touched down in Brooklyn and Queens this afternoon, causing damage throughout the two NYC boroughs. Residents posted several images and video, some of which we tracked down and included below the following NY Daily News excerpt: 

A black funnel cloud accompanied by howling winds screamed into south Brooklyn and Queens at around 11 a.m., with reports of the potent storm hitting the ground on the Rockaway Peninsula and Carnarsie.

“I saw a big grey cloud coming and ran to my basement with my son,” said Diane Tye, 36, an office manager from Breezy Point who scooped up her son Dylan, 2, and ran to her house when she saw the funnel cloud approach. The unusual storm ripped siding from homes and threw patio furniture high into the sky in Tye’s quiet beach neighbourhood. Then the twister passed in just a few minutes, leaving broken windows and trees in its wake. 

The National Weather Service confirmed it was a tornado just after 1:00 p.m. Saturday. Photos and video below.

Brooklyn tornado

Photo: Joey Mure via Instagram

Brooklyn tornado

Photo: Mike_Abrams14 via Instagram

Here’s another shot by RadioFreeBronx via Twitter:

Brooklyn tornado

Photo: RadioFreeBronx via Twitter

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