One Top Naval Officer Made Plans To Go Rogue And Play Chicken With Iran

5th Fleet Navy Ships

Photo: James Evans via US Navy

A Washington Post story came out recently publicizing the reckless behaviour of a US Naval commander, and by “reckless,” we should include World War as a possible outcome.Jeff Stein of The Washington Post published an article Aug. 21 detailing the insane exploits of one Vice Adm. Kevin J. Cosgriff and how an analyst who blew the whistle, Gwynth Todd, lost her job and her standing in the community.

Stein detailed, through the use of anonymous sources, how Cosgriff seriously planned to use three aircraft carriers to pick a fight with Iran by sailing them up through the Straight of Hormuz without notifying Saudi Arabia or any of the other neighbour states.

And that’s not even the kicker — he was planning to execute this action without mentioning anything to Washington.

Basically, he didn’t want to tell them because they would say, “No.”


What’s even more wild is the deafening silence coming from mainstream media and the military with regard to this cretin we had manning America’s formidable 5th Fleet.

From Stein’s article:

“There was a feeling that the Navy was back on its heels in dealing with Iran,” according to a Navy official prohibited from commenting in the media. “There was an intention to be far more aggressive with the Iranians, and a diminished concern about keeping Washington in the loop.”

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