This Tool Reveals What Experiences You Need Before Getting Your Dream Job


It may be difficult to know the steps you need to get your dream job, but now a new service is going to show you exactly how to get there.

ResumUp is a tool that reveals to its users the exact jobs they need to have before eventually getting their dream career, depending on the experience that they already have and the experiences that they will gain in each new position.

All you have to do is provide the professional experience you currently have and enter in the job you want in the future, and ResumUp will show you everything you need to do in-between. 

The webapp is still in its private beta testing phase and will soon be accessible to the public. 

First, ResumUP creates your infographic resume by using the professional information in your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts

Then, users enter their end goal and the tool will analyse the steps you need to take to get from your current position to your dream job

ResumUP shows the exact jobs you need to have, the experience you need to get it and the skills that you'll eventually acquire from each position

Detailed information about each job is also provided, such as the typical daily tasks involved and median wages

You can also connect with people who took similar steps to your own or already have jobs similar to the ones you're interested in

You can view other people's professional information to see what it took for them to get to where they are

Now see how this guy shared his unique professional story through a presentation:

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