This luxurious tiny home on wheels was built for off-road vacations

OpusThe Opus 15.
  • The Opus 15 is a steel trailer that has off-roading capabilities.
  • It comes with amenities such as a king bed, two twin bunk beds, a bamboo dresser, and a steel kitchen that expands and folds out.
  • The trailer receives some of its energy from three batteries that are linked to a 300-watt solar energy system.
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Opus has created the Opus 15, a hybrid expandable trailer with a steel outdoor kitchen.

The trailer has three batteries that are linked to a 300-Watt solar energy system. This helps power the trailer using more sustainable energy sources, and the batteries can go seven days before it needs to be charged again, according to Motor1.

The Opus 15 also has a pop-up roof, allowing for more headroom in the interior when the trailer is parked. The inside of the trailer includes a leatherette dining area, bamboo dresser, and a bathroom that has a shower and chemical toilet.

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The 4,960-pound steel trailer, which is capable of off-roading, has twin shock absorbers and trailing-arm suspension behind each wheel to help stabilise it when manoeuvring across unpaved terrain. It also has a tough underbody to minimise chips from rocks.

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The full outdoor kitchen has a stainless steel chopping board, prep deck, and pantry.

The electric cooler serves as both a fridge and a freezer.

Opus placed the kitchen outside to maximise the trailer’s indoor space.

The interior has a king bed and two twin bunk beds.

The trailer supplies on-demand hot water from a tank and an interior heater and a built-in air conditioning unit.

It also comes with a four-speaker entertainment system, 12-volt television, and outlets.

The rear is extendable, creating a larger interior cabin when it’s parked.

The trailer retails for $US45,000, according to Gear Junkie.

Source: Gear Junkie

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