This teenager was fired after posting on Facebook she'd vote 'No' on same-sex marriage

Screenshot/ The Bolt Report

A teenager has been fired from her job at a kids entertainment company in Canberra after posting on Facebook that she would vote “No” in the same-sex marriage survey.

The 18-year-old worked just two shifts for Capital Kids Parties before she was “let go” on Sunday after posting what the employer called “hate speech”.

The teen had updated her Facebook profile picture with a filter designed by the Coalition of Marriage that said “It’s OK to VOTE NO”.

Her boss, Madlin Sims, has justified the dismissal in a Facebook post saying: “Advertising your desire to vote no for SSM is, in my eyes, hate speech.

“Voting no is homophobic. Advertising your homophobia is hate speech. As a business owner I can’t have somebody who publicly represents my business posting hate speech online.”

Sims added that it wasn’t simply “a ‘you’re voting no, you’re fired’ situation”.

“There were prior conversations had. As a business that works with children of all kinds, we have a responsibility to working with vulnerable people and having someone who is out & proud about their beliefs (of which are statistically proven to have horrible effects on young members of the gay community) is a risk for the wellbeing of the children we work with.”

Since it was posted on Sunday, 2.9k people have responded to it. Some have praised Sims’ actions, while others have called it an “unfair dismissal”.

The teenager, who has declared she plans to vote in line with her Christian faith, has since appeared on The Bolt Report on Sky News saying that she should not have lost her job for having an opinion.

“That is the point of this vote,” she told host Andrew Bolt.

“This is a democracy and we were given the options and asked, as Australians, to vote yes or no and it is my opinion to vote no. And I don’t think that my job should, you know, be taken away from me just because I have an opinion that someone disagrees with.”

See her on Sky here.

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