This tech entrepreneur says these 5 business apps will change your life

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Technology entrepreneur Dale Beaumont recently launched BRiN, the world’s first artificially intelligent business advisor. Created in collaboration with over 250 business experts from around the world, BRiN provides users with free, on-demand business advice and access to a video and audio library of expert input from major advisors covering 80 topics.

Given knows a bit about the business of business, we asked Beaumont to name his five favourite apps to help you stay on the job.

No surprise he included his own. Fair call. Here they are:


For those who don’t consider themselves graphically-inclined, the new Canva App is a god-send.

Launched only last month, Canva manages to provide a powerful and sophisticated service good enough for the pros, while still making design uniformly easy for the rest of us.

If you need to create anything from invitations, cards and posters to presentations or website graphics, it’s an App you’re going to want (and it’s free, too).

Simply choose from 11 pre-existing templates, or design your own canvas from scratch, and then proceed to use intuitive controls to add, remove and edits elements on your canvas. The app also allows you to add and edit photos from your own camera roll, or choose a licensed image from Canva’s enormous library of images.

With over 2 million downloads already, this App is destined to become a regular for business people working across all sectors.


BRiN is our newly launched App that will, by the end of this year, become the world’s first artificially intelligent business advisor.
Created in collaboration with over 250 business experts from around the world, BRiN provides free business advice and access to a video and audio library covering 80 topics. The wizards behind BRiN will now spend the next 12 months developing thousands of business conversations, eventually creating the world’s first AI business advisor.

Using a simple chat interface BRiN will be able to understand and pinpoint your business problems (better than most humans can) and give you solutions and recommendations within micro-seconds. BRiN is smart but she is also sensitive too.

She can listen, understand your moods, give you inspiration and when pushed she can give you a kick up the butt too. With over 3,000 users signing up within the first 7 days of launch, BRiN is set to do big things. Stay tuned.

Voxer Walkie Talkie

Who doesn’t love a Walkie Talkie? Well here it is re-imagined.

Voxer is a completely free app that combines the best of voice, text, photo, and video messages with walkie talkies in a single messaging app.

You can quite literally communicate with colleagues or clients instantly; communicating through a live Walkie Talkie or sharing short voice messages, texts, photos and videos with whomever you please, when and wherever you please.

Particularly helpful to those of us on the road, the App basically marries the tech of an iPhone with a Walkie-Talkie style interface, and the result is brilliant.


With the rise of the ‘Anywhere Worker’ era, comes Dialpad.

The creators have dubbed its arrival the ‘death of the desk phone’, with the App allowing workers to now take their business number with them anywhere they go.

For some this might sound like a nightmare, but for many business people who spend long periods of time on the road, this App is a must-have.

Answer calls and texts from your mobile or computer desktop and switch effortlessly between devices (even mid-conversation).

Dialpad also features a nifty social profile letting you know who it is you’re talking to by showing you their LinkedIn profile information. Not to mention, if you’re too busy to take a call you can forward it onto anyone in your company with a simple name search.

Pocket Save

Pocket has been around for a little while now, but the App has recently launched a new feature that has really changed things for me.

Formally known as Read It Later, this nifty little App essentially allows you to ‘save’ an article or web page and read it later. So, next time you come across an article, video or link that you really want to read – but you’re on deadline or about to step into a meeting – simply save it to Pocket and read it later. You can even save articles from your email and favourite social Apps, like Facebook and Twitter.

But what has Pocket’s 17 million+ users excited all over again? You can now tap an ‘Audio’ button and actually play and listen to saved articles. Especially exciting for seriously time-poor business people (when reading becomes a luxury), this is something I use every day.

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