This tech company thinks it can speed up Netflix by more than 100 per cent

NexGen team Jason Gitmans, Rob Pole, Cam Worth, Keaton Wallace.

Data transfer company NexGen Networks will reverse list onto the ASX through VTX Holdings today.

As part of the due diligence process, the company had to prove that its Warpware tech could do what it set out to – to increase the speed of video, audio and PDF file downloads.

Independent tests run by tech advisor Cam Worth show it has the potential to speed up services like Netflix and iTunes.

NexGen ran over 1,400 tests in a 96-hour period. The initial results showed the tech could increase the speed by more than 100%. One test was measured at typical ADSL speeds (6mbps), the other was test was for 20mbps, a speed just shy of the tier two NBN speed which is 25mbps.

Here’s the chart which shows the test results compared to a control network.

Further tests will be performed across streaming audio and video platforms such as iTunes, YouTube and Netflix. The company is expecting to see data speeds improve.

“Optimisation of compressed video (MP4) and audio (MP3) files exposes a significant opportunity to increase speeds across popular streaming media platforms such as Netflix and iTunes,” the company said.

It works by packaging up data to optimise network performance and improve download speeds.

NexGen is now looking at commercialising the technology in coming months, earmarking opportunities in enterprise.

The New Zealand tech company was founded in 2013 and backed by the team which put ZipTel together. It has founder Keaton Wallace on the board.

VTX stock is up more than 23% to $0.079 a share.

Here’s the chart.

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