This Sydney Real Estate Agent Held An Auction Two Days Before Christmas And 60 People Went

The two bedroom apartment/Photo: supplied

A Sydney real estate agent has held an auction two days out from Christmas, with around 60 people turning up, according to a report.

The turn-out is being viewed as a sign of Sydney’s booming property market, which has experienced record auction clearance rates.

The agent, Andrew Blaxland, told the AFR he would never have held an auction so close to Christmas before this year, with demand for homes outweighing supply.

“Last year or the year before, I probably wouldn’t have even considered to do what we did, but I was confident of getting a good result. I knew it would be good timing for the property.

“It’s not really that common; it’s actually unheard of [holding the auction so close to Christmas].

“But I knew it would work, only because its so close to the beach – its literally one house back from the sand.”

There is more here.

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