This Secret Video Of Jamie Dimon Speaking To Business School Students Wasn’t Made Public Until Today

Remember when protestors at Occupy Seattle attempted a “citizen’s arrest” of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon outside his Seattle hotel last November?

Dimon was in the city at the time to give a speech at the University of Washington’s business school. But, the catch at the talk was that no media was allowed, according to Jake Ellison, an editor at KPLU 88.5—a member NPR station in the area.

Well, KPLU submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the University of Washington for the videos following the speech, received them yesterday and them available online today. (Here’s KPLU’s original post with the videos.)

The contents of Dimon’s speech are pretty standard—he talks for nearly 30-minutes about the importance of JP Morgan clients, the greatness of America and tells stories about JP Morgan’s small business lending and hiring of local employees.

When the commentator asked Dimon if there was a central person in his life he admired and looked up to, Dimon skirted the question and said he found historical figures like Abe Lincoln and Nelson Mandela, and how they acted during times of extreme hardship, to be extremely inspirational. He didn’t name any notable business people, saying “there’s no one person I put above all others.”

Dimon also gave a pretty entertaining re-telling of his meetings with government officials when TARP was arranged, and his interaction with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

There wasn’t much that was too controversial in the video.  So, we’re not quite sure why the University of Washington made KPLU jump through so many hoops to get it.

Anyway, here’s the video of the segment, courtesy of KPLU


Dimon also makes fun of U.S. political leadership. Though he says his criticism isn’t for anyone in particular, we’re pretty sure he’s imitating President Barack Obama at around 1:14 in the video below (what do you think?):

 Here’s the video of the entire speech:

Many thanks again to KPLU for letting us embed their videos here. Read the original post here >