This stunning new video is about as close to the real thing as it gets to flying over Mars

Picture: Jan Fröjdman/Vimeo

A filmmaker from Finland has created a stunningly realistic video of what it would be like to fly over various landscapes on Mars.

Jan Fröjdman spent three months collecting data from 33,000 reference points take by NASA’s HiRISE camera on-board its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to create 3D images of the Red Planet’s topography.

He then processed the images into a series of panning video clips and “moderately” coloured the grayscale images.

Noting there was widespread debate about what colour Mars landscapes were, Fröjdman opted for the general consensus of “yellowish” for light regions and “bluish” for dark regions, and threw in a white-blue for the polar regions.

The effect is stunning. It’s basically a spectacular vision of what it would be like to approach Mars in your transport ship, circa 2045, according to science:

Fröjdman even added in crosshairs and thruster effects. Check it out in fullscreen, 2K mode if you can:

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