This Streaming Video Brought To You By... Google

When last we heard from Mogulus, the NY-based Internet video broadcaster, it was going to try to make money by selling “pro” accounts to high-end users like Gannett. New plan: Sell advertising.

This isn’t an either/or proposition, CEO Max Haot explains to’s Andy Plesser; Max says the Gannett deal is working well. But soon Mogulus will be adding ads to its free streams, via advertising overlays that promote Google Adsense ads.

We’re all for experimenting with new revenue-generating ideas, but we’re worried that this one won’t do much for Mogulus. We worry that Adsense, which doesn’t generate much for individual Web publishers, may be even less effective on video ads: The disconnect that you often get between content and Google’s ads on Web pages will be even more jarring on video, so viewers will be even less likely to click through.

And live, streaming video is even harder to sell: By definition, advertisers/Google won’t know what they’ll be selling against, because it doesn’t exist yet. Max says that Google will place the ads based on geo-targeting and meta-tags, which to us sounds like viewers are going to see ads that have very little to do with what they’re watching, and/or what they’re interested in.

We certainly think that streaming video is a powerful and exciting tool Web publishers are only beginning to explore: Listen to Max’s story about the Gannett-owned Indianapolis Star streaming its Hillary Clinton interview to get a sense of the possiblities. But we still don’t understand who’s going to pay for it, at least in the near-term.

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