This Startup Wants To Raise $10,000 To Get People Sending Hate You Cards

Hate You Cards

A mobile website that invites users to send hate mail to their friends will represent Australia in a Silicon Valley accelerator program this September.

The site, Hate You Cards, was built by Andy Longworth, Jethro Batts and David Boulton for the AngelHack Hackathon in Sydney last weekend.

The trio spent 27 hours building a prototype, available on, and expect to have a full version ready next week.

They beat 21 other teams in the competition to win a 10-week mentoring program and 12-day trip to Sillicon Valley where they will pitch to investors and compete for a booth at the TechCrush Disrupt conference.

AngelHack gets a 2 percent stake in Hate You Cards in return.

When launched, Hate You Cards will produce custom postcards with a user’s message and photo, and mail it to any address in the world.

Longworth, who also runs recruitment start-up Skylr, expects to charge $3 for each postcard and pay $1 for production.

The trio hopes to raise $10,000 from investors, so they can offer a free trial to drum up interest.

“Do we expect to do an IPO with this idea? No. Do we expect to change the world? No. Do we expect to win votes? No,” Batts said at SydStart today.

“There are a lot of apps that do well in a short period.

“It’s obviously not a 10-year business; the idea is to make money and have a bit of fun.”

As the saying goes there’s a niche for everything these days — but this one might find a bigger market than it anticipates. Hate’s a pretty common thing.

Batts is also working on a start-up called Park My Van. Boulton co-founded Pluggaz CatchUp.

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