If you want to rent a yacht for a day, this startup has you covered

YachtWikimedia CommonsGetMyBoat offers luxury yacht rentals by the day or hour.

Most of us will never own a boat, much less a 140-foot luxury yacht.

A San Francisco-based startup called GetMyBoat wants to change that.

Through the roughly two-year-old company’s app, anyone can be captain for the day by renting one of the over 31,000 vessels listed on the company’s website.

Available vessels include everything from James Bond yachts to tall ships to jet skis and even canoes.

The average boat owner only uses their boat about 8% of the year. For the other 336 days, the boat probably sits in storage, or at a dock in the marina, the company said. GetMyBoat allows owners to get more use out of their vessel.

As of June, rentals are available on GetMyBoat in 3,300 cities across 135 countries around the world.

The yacht from Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island's 'I'm on a Boat' will you set you back $15,000 a day.

The vessel from the James Bond film the 'The World is Not Enough' can be had for a mere $850 per hour, so anyone can feel like agent 007.

GetMyBoat caters to everyone from novice boaters to elite sailors. Their forums allow boaters to find the perfect vessel for them.

If a vintage voyage is more your thing, this traditional tall ship can transport you and 47 friends from the Falkland Islands, near Argentina, to Antarctica on a 34-day expedition.

'GetMyBoat allows owners to take an underused asset and put it to use,' CIO Bryan Petro told Business Insider.

For speed and sun, perhaps this 129-foot Greek mega-yacht is more your style -- provided you can foot the $17,280-a-day bill.

You can pretend to be Johnny Depp on this beautiful schooner featured in the movie 'Rum Diary.'

GetMyBoat has some impressive vessels for a more affordable price tag, too. This schooner is only $54/person to sail through history.

There are more serene options, if you just need to get away. To the Maldives, perhaps?

With GetMyBoat's mobile app, you can walk along the shore and be in a rental boat in no time.

And you aren't confined to the ocean. This boat is available in landlocked Austin, TX.

With so many types of boats available everywhere, we're now just a little more sad about being stuck inside an office.

Now have a look at a mega-yacht that's designed to be out of reach ...

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