This startup means men may never have to shop for underwear again

Most men don’t like to shop, let alone having to shop for underwear. Along with socks, it’s the kind of clothing they’d prefer to get for Christmas, or as a birthday present.

It was this exact mentality Rob Rand has in mind looking into his own undies drawer full of dull, worn jocks in 2012 that sparked the idea for Knobby Underwear.

A graphic designer by trade, Rand has created an “unapologetically blokey” line of mens’ undies for “the man who’s out and about; keeping busy, getting s..t done and occasionally sweating up a tropical storm”, according to the quirky website.

“We had a soft launch in October last year to test the market and then pretty much sold out straight away of all stock… it went really fast,” Rand said.

The couple of thousand undies he’d had ready for supply simply weren’t enough to meet demand.

“Because of that we had a little bit of down time earlier this year just trying to get stock levels back up. Now that we’ve managed to control that, we’re able to start pushing things a bit more.

“I was always fairly confident that the subscription solution would work. It’s kind of the ‘in thing’, especially with females, but there hasn’t really been a lot going on with males that’s well priced and attractive.”

Each month, subscribers are sent an exclusive, limited edition pair of “wedgie free” undies with “sweat-free softglide fabric” for $19, shipped to their door with no delivery fees.

“Join for as little time as you like: no lock-ins, no minimum spends, no cancellation fees. Basically keeping the ‘knob’ out of KNOBBY,” the website reads.

And while he’s not revealing any numbers just yet, he said the business was definitely exceeding expectations, and now supplied more than 700 men in Australia and overseas and “doubling every month”.

The Sunshine Coast-based business now ships worldwide, with current customer base spanning from Australia to New Zealand, North America, Canada, UK, Dubai and Singapore.

There are also plans in the works to introduce a women’s line by the end of this year.

“We’re just constantly trying new things, new materials, new processes,” Rand said.

“I wanted to create a personality for the brand, something that people can associate with. We’re trying to have a bit of fun with it.”

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