This startup hopes to disrupt Australia's $750 million self-storage market and it's already had some crazy requests

Spaceways founders David Fuchs, Martin Twellmeyer and
Rob Rebholz. Image: Supplied.

Self-storage is a lucrative industry and one Rocket Internet-backed startup, SpaceWays, is ready for a digital overhaul.

Calling itself the “Uber” of self-storage, SpaceWays has an ambitious goal of revamping the $752 million Australian market.

SpaceWays works by providing storage on demand. The startup drops off big storage containers and picks them up free of charge once you’ve filled them.

The company already operates across Europe, Canada and the US and is hoping to shake up the Sydney market.

Some of the weirdest storage requests the company has previously received included a collection of taxidermy dogs and cats, an empty coffin, 47 empty boxes and someone’s mother-in-law. The company said there was a case in London where a lady kicked her boyfriend out while he was away and stored all his stuff without telling him. Another user stored all his “skinny clothes” in the hope he’d lose weight and then would store his “fat clothes”.

One box costs just $9.90 per month. Return delivery of the customer’s boxes costs $29, regardless of the number of items requested, after a storage period of three months. Delivery, pick-up, storage and return of boxes or oversized items can be arranged with just a few clicks.

“Many people who will use us may have never thought about using self storage before,” Rob Rebholz, co-founder and managing director of SpaceWays said.

“We’re revolutionising the way people store items they do not need to use on a daily basis – which is very convenient especially when you need to get smaller sized items out of the way such as clothes, books or sports equipment such as your surfboard.”

According to IBIS World, the self-storage market is forecast to grow to $808.9 million by 2020. That’s a lot of spare surfboards and ski gear that will need to be stored.

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