This startup has turned its little office into a badass fitness cage

PT Essentials founder Matt Harris.

Based in BlueChilli’s Sydney office, software startup company PT Essentials has transformed its office into a fitness cage.

The workout cage, complete with bars, hanging points and cables is designed to keep startup founder Matt Harris who was in a previous life a personal trainer and paratrooper, and his team, fit.

Harris said standup desks and fit balls weren’t enough to make an office healthy.

“A lot of people spend a lot of time in the office and if you can make it an active place, it will also be a productive space,” he said.

“We’ve taken the idea of a CrossFit box and incorporated it into our relatively modest office space, proving that the concept is achievable by even the smallest office based businesses.”

The PT Essential team uses the equipment daily and they’re now considering running classes within BlueChilli for other startups.

“It’s been an amazing talking point and demonstrates to potential business partners we actually practice what we preach,” Harris said.

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