This Start Up Could Change The Way Corporates Use Email


In business email is a fact of life, and the programs used are all very established.

But this start up wants to take on the big brands by helping corporates, as well as fellow tech entreprenuers, manage workflows through a range of unique filters and features.

Zero Mail used more than 100,000 filters that referee the deluge of information that finds its way into workers’ inboxes every day. It’s also got personal assistant features and catch-up services.

“You can come back from a weekend and have hundrededs of emails, and only four are from people who you actually know,” said Zero Mail CTO Marco de Bruin.

And it’s not just blocking stuff. For example, it can let Facebook and other social media updates in at certain times, so bosses can make sure their employees are being as productive as possible in work hours, without blanket bans, de Bruin said.

It’s even got unique prompt features that can help you remind someone who has not responded to your messages.

It is very early days for Zero Mail. It’s been seed funded, and is now on the hunt for more capital. Right now there are only around 20 users, with the program exiting its beta stage just four months ago.

At the moment it is targeted at fellow start ups and freelancers, with small teams who don’t have time to spend all day checking their mail, but there has been interest shown by some bigger business types.

“It’s just over-a-glass-of-beer talk,” but they have been interested, de Bruin told Business Insider.

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