This Sports Coaching Legend, Recovering From Cancer, Is Now Circumnavigating Australia In A 1968 VW Beetle

Mick Miller has had an incredible career coaching some of Australia’s top athletes.

He’s coached Americas Cup teams, Olympic sailing teams, Australian rowing squads and was one of the coaches assisting the Manly Sea Eagles Rugby League team.

But after a close call with throat and neck cancer in 2013 he’s put most of that aside, packed his juicer into a 1968 blue Volkswagen Beetle called Rocket and has set off on a journey around Australia.

He’s been on the road for about a month and after stopping at Yamba, Byron Bay, he has made it up Mount Tamborine in Queensland and today arrived in Bundaberg.

Miller estimates along his journey Rocket has overtaken less then 10 cars and has achieved an average speed of 56 kilometres per hour.

Miller said the trip is his way of taking some time out to recover and raise awareness for post cancer rehabilitation.

“It’s been so healthy for me, I feel really good,” he said.

While the treatment he received in hospital was “top notch” there was a gap in care when he went into remission about eight months ago.

“There was a void when I got out of hospital,” he said.

“There were a few grey areas.”

He said this trip around Australia is as much as about his own recovery as it is about raising awareness about care available for others who have beaten cancer.

Miller said taking the time to see nutritionists, counsellors and other remission specialists is extremely important.

“After coming out of hospital, I was lucky enough to have an incredible network of medical and support people around me that I would like to share with others, that’s what the journey is about.”

You can follow his journey here.

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