This Spanish city is cracking down on owners who don't pick up their dog's poo, using DNA testing

Tarragona, Spain, is known for its ancient ruins and Mediterranean ocean views. But recently the Catalonia town is getting attention for the wrong reasons.

Dog droppings in the town have become such a problem for the local authorities that they have resorted to an extravagant solution to track down the owners of the dogs responsible — DNA testing.

The city council will work with a local university to create a DNA database of the city’s 2800 registered dogs that could be used to identify owners.

If DNA is matched using the database, the dog’s owner is issued a fine and must pay for the cost of the tests.

Spain in general is pretty restrictive with its rules around where dogs are allowed to be walked. There are only around 50 beaches in the country where you can take your pup, and should you not follow the rules, hefty fines can apply.

In 2010, a woman was fined 1,125 euros ($1689) by Tarragona police for taking her dog to a local beach which did not permit dog walking.

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