This Spanish bakery says it will be the first in the world to deliver bread using drones

Currus & co bakery in Spain’s Cantabria region. Photo: YouTube Screenshot

Spanish bakery Currus & co, located in the small town of Somo on Spain’s north coast, claims it will become the first bakery in the world to deliver fresh bread using drones.

The bakery posted a video to YouTube showing how the service works.

One of the bakery’s staff can be seen loading up an unmanned aerial vehicle with a bag of fresh bread. The package is then flown across the seaside town, over the beach, and delivered to a waiting customer in her backyard.

Check out Currus & co’s promotional clip below.

“We have a great product and we want to bring it to the world,” bakery manager Marina Albite told Spain’s The Local.

And while current Spanish legislation restricts the private use of drones, the business expects these laws to be changed in September.

“When they allow us, we will do it, that is the plan… and we will be the first in the world to do it,” Albite said.

The bakery only opened its doors to the public on 20 June this year.

According to their website, Currus & co is a new concept store that combines the best elements of a panaderia (bread shop) and cafeteria. Interestingly, it isn’t just the food that’s for sale. You can buy anything in the store — from a chair or lamp to the cup in which your coffee is served.

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