This software pirate has been ordered to get 200,000 YouTube hits or pay a fine

Jakub F, a Czech man convicted of computer piracy, must get 200,000 hits on an anti-piracy video clip he made or he will face a hefty fine.

Jakub had been ordered to pay $300,000 to the Business Software Alliance after being convicted of pirating from several companies, including Microsoft, HBO, Sony and Twentieth Century Fox. Jakub was accused of sharing links to download the companies’ intellectual property.

The BSE contended that the Jakub had caused them over $500,000 in damages, according to Torrent Freak.

Unable to pay the fine, Jakub reached a settlement with the companies to produce, star in and promote an anti-piracy video. If the video reached 200,000 hits, he would only need to pay a small portion of the damages. If he failed, he would liable for the full amount.

Here’s the video, with more than 85,000 hits after just three days.

It’s in Czech and without English subtitles. As yet, no one has pirated it to create an English version. But it’s intended to be an explanation of his story and how he wants it to end.

The video is featured on YouTube and a website created for the purpose.

“I had to start this site because for eight years I spread pirated software and then they caught me,” Jakub says, according to a translation at Torrent Freak.

“I thought that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I thought that it didn’t hurt the big companies. I didn’t even do it for the money, I did it for fun.

“In the video I play myself and this is really my story. I shot the video with a professional firm. Sharing is how this started and sharing is how I would like my story to end up.”

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