This small NSW town wants to build the world's biggest bogan

It’s all there in the name. Picture: Supplied

Nyngan, a town of about 2100 people that sits very close to the centre of NSW, wants its own Big Thing.

If Goulburn can have its Big Merino and Robertson can have its big Potato, Nyngan can have its Big Bogan. Yep – 3.6m of steel, singlet-clad, thong-wearing, fishin’ bloke. People will come from miles around to sit on his giant esky.

If it goes ahead, Nyngan residents can thank their local Anglican reverend, Graham McLeod. He’s the one who planted the idea in the mind of Bogan Shire Council’s manager of engineering services Graeme Bourke.

With budget estimates looming, Bourke sketched a few designs.

“Every time I went to draw something, I just wasn’t happy, so I just pushed it along,” he told Business Insider. “I thought I can’t go to council and ask them for money for a Big Bogan if I didn’t have anything in mind.”

Here’s what he came up with:

Picture: Graeme Bourke.

Not a single councillor objected.

Bourke said people around the town weren’t put off by the idea of being represented by a giant bogan, as the iconic Aussie character had plenty of positives to focus on.

“The thing is people stop here and take their picture. It’s all welcome to Bogan Shire, Bogan St, Bogan River…”

“We want to tie it into the whole thing and maybe get people to stop and have their photo taken with the Big Bogan.”

Bourke said the Bogan Shire Council’s website carried a “Comfortable country living” motto. “What’s more comfortable than being down the river fishing in a pair of good footy shorts and thongs?” he says.

Bourke estimates the Big Bogan will cost about $8000 to build (although he’s had offers of a lot less from locals). More importantly, he says, is that “in these small country towns, anything that gets people to stop and buy a sandwich is a good thing”.

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