This Simple Email Got Tumblr's 5th Employee His Job

jacob bijani tumblrs creative director Danielle StrleJacob Bijani and Danielle Strle at Tumblr.

Jacob Bijani was an early Tumblr user. He’d often design theme templates for the platform’s blogs, and one in particular caught David Karp’s eye.

“I made a weird side-scrolling theme for my blog, which made the rounds and eventually got David to follow me,” the designer told Daily Dot in October. “We emailed a bit and I started doing some freelance work making themes for VIPs on Tumblr. A months after I graduated college in San Diego, David happened to be in town for Webby Connect. We met up for the day, he offered me a job, and I moved to New York a few weeks later.”

What was the email that got those conversations started?

It was a simple inquiry about an outdated job listing on Davidville, the company Karp created which produced Tumblr.

Bijani sent the initial email in May 2008. “A few months later I was living in the East Village as Tumblr’s fifth employee,” Bijani writes on his blog. “So much has changed since then.” Now he is Tumblr’s Creative Director.

Here’s the effortless email that lead to the job.

tumblr employee jacob bijani emailJacob Bijani sent this email to David Karp about an outdated job listing in May 2008.

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