New York’s Embarrassing ‘SHCOOL X-NG’ Sign Has Finally Been Fixed

Yesterday, we reported that The Lo-Down’s contributor Erin Rodriguez spotted a crossing sign outside the Lower East Side’s Marta Valle High School incorrectly spelled “SHCOOL X-NG.”

Jennifer Bain and Jeane Macintosh of The New York Post picked up the story about the embarrassing spelling error, which had apparently gone unnoticed by school officials for months. 

The Post says Marte Valle officials could not be reached, but a spokesman from the Department of Transportation told the publication that the error was made by a utility provider—not the city—after construction was done on the street over the summer.  

Well, rest easy folks. The Lo-Down’s Eric Litvak reports that the spelling gaffe has been fixed! The “C” and “H” in “SHCOOL” are now in the correct order and an “I” has been added to “X-NG.”

Old sign:

Schoo sign

New sign:

School Crossing

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