This San Francisco Mansion Is Where Peter Thiel's Genius Kids Party And Plot

The Glint living room people talking

Photo: Boonsri Dickinson, Business Insider

Early Facebook investor Peter Thiel is paying young entrepreneurs $100,000 over two years to drop out of college and pursue their dreams.We got a chance to party with three of these Thiel Fellows, who are living at The Glint, a new accelerator situated in a mansion on top of a hill in San Francisco. 

Even if they dropped out of college, they aren’t ready to ditch the college experience.

The housemates clearly get along. They like to talk about their startups — and of course, other worldly issues like how to save the planet.  You know, light topics for a Friday night.

After a windy ride up the top of a hill in Twin Peaks, we arrived at The Glint. It was 9 p.m. on Friday. A bunch of entrepreneurs live here in this mansion.

No shoes allowed. Good thing we brought our socks.

This is Damian Madray, a co-founder of The Glint. He wants this to be a place where entrepreneurs can live and work. Tonight, he was busy playing host.

Here's a view of the party. It's starting to get crowded. We're lucky. Apparently two of the Thiel fellows are celebrating their birthday party today. And one is turning 21, so it might get a little crazy.

Madray is talking to one of the party guests.

And a party isn't a party without a sassy dog.

This is Jeffrey Lim's 21st birthday party. He told us about two startups he's working on. One is a new payment system that allows you to trade gold.

Todd Perry is an entrepreneur in the valley. He used to work at Palantir and Facebook. Now he works with some of the hottest startups in the valley. He knew Mark Zuckerberg back in the day, when he taught the now famous founder how to code.

Perry and Madray take a break to eat some party food.

This is another Thiel Fellow, also celebrating his birthday. Alexander Kiselev moved from Moscow to the U.S. when he was five. He's starting a company called Open Industrial that hopes to make medical equipment much cheaper by using open source principles.

Alexandru Celac is a recent graduate of the Singularity University. He's talking to his fiancé on his iPad, he told us in his Romanian accent.

This is a bit posh for Peretz Partensky, co-founder of Langton Labs, which is housed in an old warehouse.

Tom Currier is another Thiel Fellow living here. We heard him talk about how he wants to solve the world's problems. First energy -- he founded a solar energy company called Black Swan Solar -- then water.

Currier is talking to one of the birthday guests, who just so happens to work for the Thiel Foundation. He left early to go to an art event.

Birthday boy Lim shows his friends around the house.

The fireplace is keeping this place warm. Some of the other house guests are missing tonight, including the Startup Genome team and YouNoodle CTO Thorsten Kolind is missing too.

This is where they work. There was a water leak because the floors are heated. But it's apparently fixed now.

It might be a mansion, but it looks more like a dorm room.

Madray sleeps down here with the guests. He lets guests from all over the world stay in the master bedroom, which is on the top floor.

Gregory Schlomoff is from France. He's crashing here on the bottom bunk for a while. He's an engineer for AeroFS, a file sync service kind of like Dropbox..

John Burnham is another Thiel Fellow. This 19-year-old never went to college, so he didn't have to drop out to join the elite group of fellows.

Daniel Marthienal is starting MeetCute, a startup that wants to help you find love.

This is what Marthienal sleeps in. It's not quite a Snuggie, but close.

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