This reusable straw collapses to fit on your keyring and 'will last a lifetime'

  • FinalStraw is a portable metal straw that can fold down to fit onto a keyring.
  • Each straw comes with a cleaning squeegee and storage case.
  • The case is made of recycled plastic and the whole product weighs just 80 grams in total.

FinalStraw is a reusable straw that can be taken anywhere. It’s made of stainless steel and medical grade TPE tubing.

The company behind FinalStraw hopes to reduce the number of plastic drinking straws being disposed of each year.

Each straw comes with a plastic carry case that can be attached to a keyring. The case comes in four colours and is just 3.3 cm wide. The case also contains a cleaning squeegee that can be pulled through the straw to remove bits.

The straw costs around £23 and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Produced by Charlie Floyd

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