This Retreat In Bali Lets You Take A Holiday While Still Working On Your Career

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Who says workaholics can’t switch off for a proper holiday?

For the toil-addicted or even those leaders who are simply highly motivated, holidays can be as stressful as work. Anxiety can naturally fill the space left by the lack of work calls, emails, and general achievements during the day.

Spotting a demand from time-poor leaders who want a break but dread the prospect of taking time out completely, a Balinese retreat has developed business programs which will allow even the most work-addicted employees to get a break and keep working.

There’s no wi-fi or internet hardline. But it’s called a bootcamp.

The programs, the first of which will be held in November, are an integration of business building skills combined with fitness and wellbeing activities.

Sharing Bali owner Karen Willis told Business Insider the retreat’s experts would try to help people understand that things don’t need to be so complicated, and try to take the stress out of business development by training simplicity.

Simple Business Simple Life Bootcamp was formed from a partnership between the retreat and Simplify My Small Business, a company which aims at providing small businesses with strategies to take control of their busy, growing operations.

“Smaller operations get stuck in complexities of running a business so we aim to reduce stress, by stripping systems back to bare essentials and reinstating focus,” says Adam Stanecki, owner of Simplfy My Small Business.

The six-day retreat will create a personalised program for a company according to what stage of their business they are at.

“We discuss planning, budgeting, marketing, simplifying your sales process and increasing profit”, says Stanecki.

With very few distractions at the Balinese retreat and limited opportunities to plug into technology, even the most wound up business owners are transformed.

“Everybody arrives very wired, they are very connected to every device you can have and are in that fast pace involved in business. People are absolutely transformed, and find that not only can they get more out of work, they can get more out of life”, Willis said.

Stanecki said the challenge of disconnecting could be turned into a great opportunity for business owners.

“The beautiful thing about the location [of the retreat] is that it is off the map. It shows businesses that they can run when they’re not there. It’s a good opportunity for them to step outside the business and look at where they are while sitting in a rice paddy field.”

Willis, who has over 30 years of experience working in the corporate sector, believes business development is dated and is calling for a new approach.

“I think the integration of health and fitness is a better way to live, a better way to think. My own experience has fuelled a lot of creativity and business sense for me when establishing these programs, so I can see the benefits of the totality of the program.”

“It’s ultimately an escape. It is ideal for creative thinking, it is absolutely ideal for fitness because we use the local terrain. It’s really unique and original and we love what we do”, says Willis.

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