This retailer has found the best way to set up their international e-commerce platform

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While retail industry leaders were keeping a watchful eye on an increasingly competitive market in Australia, fashion retailer Decjuba looked outward to an international opportunity that has seen its business grow from strength to strength.

With the help of PayPal, Decjuba recently launched an online store specifically for its New Zealand customer base, and the improvement of customer experience has seen a growth in sales both online and in brick and mortar stores.

Decjuba has found that having a strong, trusted online presence is fuelling the desire for more brick and mortar stores and vice versa. There is still a big trend for people “pre-shopping” online to find the styles and sizes that they prefer before heading in store for the full retail experience.

“We know our customers are researching online before the go into the store and really using our website and social media platforms as a bit of a research tool,” said Maurita Barber, head of eCommerce and digital strategy.

“Obviously having our [brick and mortar] store growth means that we’re opening up in new areas and suburbs and cities that we haven’t been in before and that grows our brand awareness.”

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Decjuba initially launched their physical stores in New Zealand in 2016, and then moved to create a custom, localised eCommerce offering as part of their strategy to improve customer experience.

“New Zealand’s a big part of our business and we were already having customers from New Zealand shopping on our Australian site, which means that they were paying in a different currency than what they were actually using in their local marketplace, [and] it was taking longer for their shipping as well,” said Barber.

“Anything that we were offering them on our Australian website is something we want to offer on our other websites as well.”

The decision to partner with PayPal was integral to their customer-centric strategy. Decjuba has found that PayPal is more appealing to international customers due to less fees – as opposed to making credit card transactions – seamless integration with their own payment systems and convenience at the checkout.

The fashion retailers’ customers are also drawn to the security and reliability of PayPal’s payment systems and it has been a worthy investment for the brand. According to PayPal’s own studies, 57% of Australian consumers are unlikely to make a purchase when PayPal is not offered.

“We actually find that PayPal is actually the most reliable payment gateway that we have,” said Barber.

“Sometimes we find that our credit cards providers go down, and in that case, we always ask people to use PayPal as their alternative option. From an availability perspective and from a traffic perspective, I know I myself and I know a lot of our customers actually do trust using PayPal.”

Since 2017, Decjuba has grown from 24 stores to 93 brick and mortar stores across Australia and New Zealand, and this aggressive expansion is just the beginning.

“We have a lot of international influencers that we use and partner with. One of our bigger influencer partners is actually based in New York, so we’re expecting to see an uplift in [the US market] as well,” said Barber.

Decjuba launched their most recent campaign with US influencer, @FIGTNY, aka Michaela Babuskova, who is collaborating on their latest designs in a push to gain more international traffic for their product lines.

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