This ‘resumé tester’ will tell you if your job application will make it past automated screeners

Photo: iStock

Companies, especially those ones that receive many job applications, have computer systems that will filter out many applicants before they’ve even reached a human for review.

Now online job search service Adzuna is offering a tool that will process your resumé and validate it against the same algorithms that auto-screener software uses.

The company claims that the new “career explorer” feature on its resume evaluation tool ValueMyCV will help jobseekers get the edge on their competitors in a digital world.

“If you are a candidate and have found it difficult to get through to the interview stage it could be your CV holding you back,” said Adzuna Australia chief executive Raife Watson.

“Career Explorer will tell you immediately if you are using the correct keywords in your CV, ensuring your CV makes it past the computer software and gets in-front of the hiring manager.”

The tool scans a resumé for certain keywords to warn the candidate on those that would disqualify them from the race. The format of the document is also analysed, to ensure compatibility with the target recruitment system.

The company stated that if Career Explorer can’t read a resumé it will not make it past an applicant tracking system — and that the theoretical job title generated by Career Explorer to the candidate based on their experience will be the same title recognised by screener software.

The Career Explorer tool can also match users to jobs depending on the contents on their resumé.

ValueMyCV, according to Adzuna, has been used by more than 50,000 Australians since launching in May last year.

Adzuna is a job advertisement aggregator launched in the UK in 2011. The Australian version started in 2014 as a joint venture between Adzuna Global and Fairfax Media, which is the owner of Allure Media – the publisher of Business Insider Australia.