This Professional-Only Dating Site Will Verify Your Credentials Against LinkedIn Data

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In the past 6 months, Sydney matchmaker Trudy Gilbert has manually assessed thousands of dating profiles, allowing only professionals and business owners into her exclusive RubyRadar dating start-up.

The site has upwards of 5000 members and describes itself as a ‘romantic LinkedIn’. Members typically work in medical, technology, art, fashion and media industries and earn more than $200,000 a year on average.

RubyRadar currently takes about 24 hours to manually approve new member profiles but will speed up the process when it introduces LinkedIn verification this month.

Brand manager Alina Berdichevsky said new profiles are currently scrutinised by a team of 3 RubyRadar staff, who ensure that profiles are completed and free of spelling errors, and registrants are eligible for membership: ‘blue collar tradies’ need not apply.

Members must also include an ‘appropriate’ photograph of themselves. It’s not your average dating site: no topless men are allowed.

“Single, time poor executives were crying out for a network and site of this calibre,” said Gilbert, who founded the company last October.

“My experience has been with the Australian market over the last 8 years, so it made sense to make it the testing ground before we launch it in other markets globally.”

When it introduces LinkedIn verification in the coming weeks, RubyRadar will allow people to automatically transfer their headshots from the professional networking sites. Berdichevsky said linking members’ professional and dating profiles helped the site ‘create trust’.

RubyRadar matches member profiles based on age, body type, and ‘passions’, which requires members to upload at least six photos of them doing what they most enjoy doing.

Members can only see the profiles of their ‘matches’ for privacy reasons, but they may build up a contacts list and play matchmaker by introducing contacts to each other.

Berdichevsky likened RubyRadar’s professional target market and method of verifying profiles to that of London-based LoveStruck, although she said the latter used a more casual, ‘funky’ tone.

RubyRadar members tend to be aged between 35-45, although Berdichevsky said the 40-50 age group had been growing rapidly.

It launched a mobile application this month and will be introducing networking events and a paid service in coming months.

Among other features, the paid version will allow members to decline to disclose their income, but will come at an ‘executive price point’, Berdichevsky said.

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