This pro dancer and his groomsmen make for one of the best YouTube wedding videos ever

Uploading a funky wedding dance video to YouTube is nothing new at this point  — but a professional dancer and his groomsmen put a new spin on the viral wedding video trend when they choreographed and performed an all-dude dance for the bride.

The 8-minute-long groomsmen dance is now going viral on YouTube, having been written about on the Richmond Times-Dispatch and spotted on The Daily Mail.

Kirk Henning performed a six-song set for his new wife Valerie Tellmann-Henning set to hits like Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” as well as the ’80s classic “Highway to the Danger Zone,” which included special fire effects.

As a group made up of five professional dancers in the party plus their pals, the group absolutely nailed it. Especially the fan-favourite Britney Spears song, “(You Drive Me) Crazy.”

Henning told the Richmond Times-Dispatch he kept the performance a surprise from Tellmann-Henning, who had been hoping for a groomsmen dance. Since both the bride and groom are professional dancers — she a ballerina with Richmond Ballet and he a freelance dancer — she was disappointed when he told her between work and school, it just wasn’t going to happen.

Meanwhile, he told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that he was secretly planning an epic routine with his eight groomsmen and sending tutorials for the big day, which was performed at the couple’s reception at the Richmond Center Stage, where the couple have danced together many times.

Not only did the men nail it, but Tellmann-Henning’s reactions are quite enthusiastic.

The couple’s videographer Ginger Topham uploaded the video to YouTube, and it now has nearly 800,000 views at the time of this post.

“Valerie had absolutely no idea. Her reaction, which you can see, was so cute,” Topman told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Everybody was just blown away and surprised.”

You can watch the full video here, and read more about the dancer couple on the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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