This Private Equity-Owned Australian Pizza Brand Wants To Open In The Middle East

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There could be Eagle Boys stores in the Middle East within three years, said the CEO of the private-equity owned Australian pizza maker.

Eagle Boys has already opened a number of restaurants in India with its partner Fusion Taste, the master-franchisee, as well as stores in Papua New Guinea.

There are now plans to establish the pizza chain in the Middle East, and the brand has already begun discussions with a partner company, chief executive Bruce Scott told Business Insider.

Scott did not say which country in the Middle East or who the parter would be, as the information is private. He declined to comment on rumours Israel was the likely location.

Eagle Boys also recently announced an expansion of its operations in India, where its four outlets are now making 30,000 rupees profit a month (the equivalent of $A510). There are plans to open 10 new outlets before the end of the year.

The company is owned by private equity group NBC Capital. Scott — who is the managing director of NBC — said the fund would be looking to exit Eagle Boys within the next three-to-five years.

“We are in the buy-and-build type of private equity,” Scott said. “But there will be an exit at some stage.”

Before NBC sells the brand it is hoping to achieve peak growth by also expanding the business into a number of South East Asian markets such as Malaysia.

In India the biggest challenge encountered was the humidity which caused issues with the pizza dough, which is made in a central location and transported as a result.

“Our supply chain is very good,” Scott said.

Customer tastes vary between India and Australia, with the number of Hindus meaning there are more vegetarian options. Scott also said diners in the country preferred buying pizza as a snack item rather than a large meal.

Eagle Boys — which was founded in 1987 — today unveiled a fresh look in Australia where it has 260 stores, with new uniforms and branding.

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